Film Shooting Locations: Ooty’s Scenic Spots for Bollywood Hits.

Film Shooting Locations in Ooty

A blockbuster by Subash Ghai, this movie had all the ingredients of a great film- a dramatic emotional tussle between brothers, romance, nice songs and scenic locations. Several scenes of this movie were shot in Ooty and its surroundings.

From high waterfalls to aesthetic standalone green pods, the Government Botanical Gardens of Ooty have caught the eye of filmmakers over time. The evergreen Bollywood romantic song that encapsulates first love, Pehla Nasha from Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar was filmed here.

St. Stephen’s Church

The film’s plot is riveting, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat. Mark Wahlberg gives a strong performance as Swagger, and the movie’s cinematography is stunning. If you’re looking for a thrilling action thriller, Shooter is the one to see!

This iconic filming location is where you can find the doorway to the house that Margaret posts Fred’s letter to Higgins in episode 2. It’s also where Mr. Thornton is standing when he spots Margaret talking to Higgins.

Another well-known filming location in Dublin is St. Stephen’s Green, where the wedding scene between Anna and Declan takes place. This beautiful park is the perfect place to take a romantic stroll or to spend some time relaxing in nature. It is also home to a number of famous attractions, including the iconic Temple Bar.

Needle Rock viewpoint

Needle Rock is a beautiful viewpoint near Gudalur on the Ooty-Gudalur road. It offers a breathtaking view of the Nilgiris and Wayanad districts from its summit. The Frog Hills, which resemble the shape of a frog can also be seen from this viewpoint. One can also see parts of Kerala and Mysore from here.

The Needle Rock Viewpoint is a great place to see sunsets and sunrises. It is also home to many species of birds. The view of the sloping valleys and grasslands from this point is breathtaking.

The Needle Rock Viewpoint is also known as Soochimalai and is a popular spot for film shooting. The location has appeared in many Bollywood films and is a beautiful area for romantic scenes. Guests are advised to visit the Needle Rock Viewpoint during the day time as it is a heavily forested area and there are high chances of wild animals being present.

Pykara Waterfalls

Located downstream of the Pykara Dam, these magnificent waterfalls are one of the best attractions in Ooty. The water flows through multiple layers on the rocky bed to form these stunning waterfalls. It is a must-visit spot for nature lovers and honeymoon couples. It is also a great place for those who wish to enjoy long exposure photography.

It is one of the most beautiful spots in Ooty and has been featured in several Bollywood movies. The famous romantic track Gazab Ka Hai Din from Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, picturised on Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif, was shot here. The scenic beauty of the lake and its surrounding mountains have captured the imagination of many filmmakers. The dense Pine forests accentuate this picture-perfect landscape.

Doddabetta Peak

The Nilgiri mountain range’s highest peak, Doddabetta Peak, has appeared in countless Bollywood films. It’s known for its stunning landscape and picturesque natural environment, which makes it a favorite location for filmmakers.

Doddabetta Peak is home to a large number of exotic flora and fauna, including orchids, ferns, lichens, and rhododendrons. It also offers panoramic views of the Nilgiri hills and the grassy plains of Mysore and Coimbatore. Its flat summit is a popular place for tourists to relax and enjoy nature’s grandeur.

You can reach the peak by bus or taxi from the Ooty city center. There are several tour agencies offering varied tour packages for Doddabetta Peak. They provide all necessary information about how to reach the peak, as well as transportation options.

Government Botanical Gardens

The Government Botanical Garden, which lies on the lower slopes of Doddabetta Peak, houses many flower beds and shrubs that are trimmed beautifully. The New Garden is a favourite section of this botanical garden as it has many rose gardens with Hybrid Tea, Floribunda, and Polyanthas rose varieties.

The garden is also home to a collection of trees like Alnus Nepalensis, Calistemon Lanceolatus, Eucalyptus Apiculata, and Podocarpus Elongata. The arboretum at this garden is dedicated to the preservation of indigenous and exotic trees.

The garden has numerous locations that are ideal for film shooting and photo shoots. However, all staged photographs and films require a special permit from the garden authorities. The cost of the permit can vary based on the requirements. For example, if you want to shoot with an underwater camera, you may have to pay more.

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